A computer virus is a kind of spyware or malicious program that spreads by itself from the computer, removable devices, or even with emails. The main purpose of the virus is to infect computers to steal sensitive or personal data of others. This is created by software programmers or hackers with malicious things.

Emails, infected sites, executable files, infected ad attachments suspicious links are the best source of spreading viruses. When the virus infects the computer, it slows down it, damage personal data, or hides important files. The best solution for avoiding viruses is by installing antivirus protection software on the computer.

Types of viruses:

There are many types of computer viruses like

  • Boot sector virus
  • Direct action virus
  • Polymorphic virus
  • File infector
  • Space filer virus
  • Macro viruses

Now we will discuss these viruses.

Boot sector virus:

This virus is mostly spread through removable devices, it is hard to remove this from the computer, and ultimately you have to format a particular file of the disk. If it has infected your computer before installing antivirus, then it is impossible to get rid of this virus until you install new Microsoft Windows.

Direct action virus:

This virus installs through websites or devices, it gets hide and stays on the computer. Most people call this virus a non-resident virus. This virus infects particular files of the computer. It doesn’t affect the performance of the computer or other programs. It can be easily identified and remove with antivirus.

Polymorphic Virus:

These viruses are extremely harmful to computers. This can’t be identifying easily with normal anti-virus. They infect every file of the entire computer, and the user has to face lots of damage. Good anti-virus can help to fix this virus, but still, it takes much more.

File infectors:

These types of viruses are attached to program files for example .exe files or .com, etc. these viruses can infect any program including .mnu files, .sys, .prg, ovl. This virus can be downloaded when we load a particular program.

Space filler Virus:

This virus eats up your computer space and low down the storage. This virus is also called cavity viruses. They just fill up your computer space but doesn’t affect or damage any file.

Macro viruses:

These types of viruses infect language commands such as Microsoft word, excel, or PowerPoint.

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