Recently some agencies warned people about computer scams, it starts on the mobile phone, or telephone: anybody gets a call from someone and they tell you they work with Software Company. They tell you about your computer that it’s sending unauthorized messages to them on site. They tell you about the virus they have detected from your computer. Then offer you to fix your virus by installing antivirus remotely.

Once they get access to your computer, they’ll never remove viruses but also try to deceive your personal data or information including credit card numbers.

You can avoid these scams by following these useful tips.

Antivirus software should be updated:

Software companies update their software regularly to fix viruses that can damage computers. If you have updated antivirus software, hackers won’t be able to harm you.  It is hard for them to breach the security of updated antivirus. You can do web browsing easily with this facility. Virus scanners software also helps in blocking Java scripts and malicious malware.

Don’t try to click on links:

We receive hundreds of emails from our friends or other people. If you get an email from an unknown person do not try to click any link with this email. IT user says it is the biggest source of viruses on the computer. That is why be careful before clicking anywhere.

Use free antivirus:

There are many computer users that can’t pay for antivirus but don’t need to worry, you may find several free antivirus software on the internet. It is an essential part of computer owners because at least it informs you about any threat.

Always keep backup:

If you are a frequent user of the computer, you should keep back up of your computer regularly. Approximately 29% of people don’t keep their back up. A computer is a machine that can be broken down anytime.

There are three back up options that you have, online backup, hard drive, or cloud storage. In recent days you may use Google Drive for backup which is the best option for frequent users.

Password should be strong:

A weak password can be hacked at any time by hackers. There must be a strong password always, always use mix letters, symbols, and numbers for passwords. Security can’t be a breach with a strong password.

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