A virus is something that can exist in anything. These days viruses are sent to different devices in order to infect computers, stop progress and steal information. A virus can cause you a big loss of hard work, information and money; therefore it is your supreme duty to keep an antivirus as a protection for the computer. Yet there are still a lot of things that you need to care about in order to protect your computer from viruses as the internet is very wide regarding the variety of virus attacks, so only keeping an antivirus isn’t enough. You must know the ways in which you can get a virus in your PC.

First of all, you need to stop downloading cracked softwares, applications and games on your computer just because they are available for free. More than half of the time, these programs are hiding a virus inside instead of the actual program that you need. For example, if you are downloading a cracked game in your PC, if it is filled with viruses, it will ask you to install a random file which is a virus. After that, your PC will start behavior abnormally by making glitches on the screen. In this case, you have a high chance of getting your data stolen; therefore always purchase paid stuff online since it is clean and authentic. On the internet, you can get the best

virus protection by checking feed backs and reviews of people regarding different antiviruses. A reliable virus cleaner contains most rating of individuals from all over the world.

The next way is clicking random links on the internet. These days, a very popular way of infecting computers is followed in which a guy who shares link to a video with random people and asks them to download it. Since the link shows a thumbnail which is catchy, people download it. But there’s no video in the file, it’s just a virus. Once you download, the link automatically gets transferred to other people in your account. In this way, a continuous process works until everyone stops downloading the link; therefore don’t trust any random link on the internet. You must identify it first.

Watch out for the used hard drives as well. Used hard drives are sold cheap but a lot of times they contain viruses inside which will unknowingly infect your PC if you don’t have any antivirus. Make sure you purchase a new and branded hard drive to keep your PC virus free.