Almost every computer virus creates inconvenience for users in many ways if you are not using antivirus. Once they affect your computer you may face some serious losses, even antivirus doesn’t work properly. Ultimately you have to install Microsoft windows again to get rid of this problem. Some viruses are extremely threatened than others; even they can disable antivirus protection. In this article, we will discuss famous worst computer viruses that can seriously damage in real life.


This is the worst virus that significantly harms your computer of files. This virus has damaged almost 10 billion worth in the whole world. ILOVEYOU virus infected approximately 10% of the computers of the entire world. Most of the commercial businesses have failed to prevent their computers from this virus.

This virus was developed by two Filipino programmers; they sent this virus through email with ILOVEYOU confession. Once you click this link, it will instantly attach with your files and start to spread in the whole computer.

Code red:

This virus was created by an eye digital company in 2001. They named it Code Red because both were drinking Red Mountain Dew at that time. This virus targets Microsoft windows and creates a problem in it. It is very difficult to trace this because the size of this virus is just 3569 bytes.
Once it infects your computer, it will start to make its hundred of duplicate copies. This virus has infected millions of computers in the entire world.


This virus is developed in 2004, this virus was created by science student Jaschan, he also created another virus called Netsky worm. This virus has infected millions of people in the world. This virus spread in the computer in a few moments and starts eating your files. It slows down the computer, and it doesn’t let you work properly. Sasser also crashes the computer many times a day.

This virus is a Trojan horse that is made to infect Windows of the computer. It performs various criminal tasks in the computer like it is used to steal personal or official data from the computer.

This virus was created in 2009, this virus is used by huge multinational companies like Cisco, Oracle, Amazon, botnet, etc. these companies steal emails and login of social media accounts. It has infected millions of computers in the world.

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