Hacking plays an important role in this era of advancement. In fact, the field of hacking has become so advanced that even after several securities on your private accounts, you can still get hacked in minutes; therefore it’s still very much risky to put your personal data on the internet. Hacking is used for different purposes that are both good and bad. When someone wants to blackmail an individual, scam people through fake offers or steal his or her personal information, illegal hacking is used. Legal hacking is utilized when hacked accounts are recovered. Let’s find out in how many ways you can get hacked.

Phishing is the most easy and common type of hacking which has been done for decades. This type of hacking is so simple that even kids can do it. It’s basically trapping people by sending them fake links to a website and asking them to log in there in order to process further. In fact, there’s no website or page in that link, it’s just a fake graphical image of a website in that link which doesn’t work and an option to enter id and password. Once an individual enters the details, you receive it as a notepad file.

In the second type, hidden softwares and applications are installed in your computer in order to spy on you, track you and steal your private information. This can be done in both mobiles and computers. A particular software is installed secretly in the target computer and the same software is installed in the attacking computer. After installing, the software shows all the activities of the targeted computer to the attacking computer. In this way, hackers spy on the activities of random people and it helps them to steal their back accounts and other important information. Phishing links are avoided by virus scanner software as the virus scanner blocks the page of the phishing link.

The legal and correct way of hacking is known as ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is basically the main component of cyber security in which people are protected from getting scammed, black mailed or spied. Ethical hacking helps to bring the stolen information back or regain a hacked account. Ethical hacking is done with the help of long codings of different softwares. These softwares aren’t easy to use. Long term training is provided in order to use these softwares. After antivirus, cyber security is your main feature of protection. If you are finding the ways your PC can get hacked, read here and acknowledge this basic information.