Getting an antivirus is not a big deal when you are trying to get it from a reliable source but to know about that reliable source is important. People often go to internet and get the first virus cleaner which they found in the search and start downloading it without getting further information about that antivirus. It is totally the wrong approach and they often do not get the best protection for their system. To get to know about the best ways of selecting an antivirus you need to read more here:

Privacy protection: You need to see that whether the antivirus is able to protect your privacy from the external sources or not. You have to get the total protection otherwise your antivirus is useless and you have to change it. Your privacy is the most important thing and if it is on stake then it means your entire life is on stake. External hackers may hack your sensitive information and use it for fraudulent activities or they can use your identity in criminal acts without you knowing about it. They can also rob all of your money when you do a transaction through your compromised system. You should take these things in to account and select the antivirus which is able to provide you total protection against the external malwares and hackers.

Custom plans: If you are going to buy software then you need to see that whether the service provider is giving you the freedom to devise your own payment plan and protection services or not. Most of the service providers do not have this facility as they are providing best features in reasonable prices but if you want a particular antivirus with some special features then you can always ask for it without any hesitation. It will give you two results; one is that you will get your custom plan which is very beneficial for you and the other is that you will get denial for your request and it will cost you nothing so asking about custom plan is totally worthy if you really need that.

Demo software: If you are confused about buying or getting subscription of particular antivirus software then you can ask for a demo usage of that from the service provider. They will often give you demo software for 14 days.