antiviruses these days exist in a wide variety which help people to secure their data and get notifications about random viruses at the same time. In fact, some antiviruses are paid and some are free. Both are very important for your computer. These paid and unpaid antiviruses are programmed to protect both type of people that are the ones that can pay for higher security services and the others that are unable to afford the antivirus financially. Taking about the operations of antiviruses, every antivirus contains almost similar operations with slightly different changes. Let’s find out how many ways an antivirus can protect your PC.

In thousands of events, you happen to add a file in your computer. You either transfer it from a USB or download it from the internet. Antiviruses are facilitated with file scanning features. In this feature, any file that is added into your computer, gets scanned first for several minutes until the antivirus makes sure that you’re allowed to use the file. If there’s unfortunately any virus hidden in the file, you’ll be instantly notified.

Sometimes applications, files and softwares start behavior abnormally in your computer. It happens due to some internal changes in the settings of the computer or any update from the internet. Regarding these changes, the antivirus notifies you and let’s you check that program to make sure everything is alright. In this way, you must have antivirus protection for your computer. Even mobiles can get infected after connecting with infected computers, so you must have a mobile virus cleaner as well in your phone.

Professional antiviruses are facilitated with blocking unwanted cookies and ad pop ups from different websites. These cookies and pop ups are very annoying as they open automatically every time you click somewhere and they force you to download files that are harmful for your PC; therefore if you have a reliable antivirus, it will block all those cookies and pop up ads.

When you happen to receive emails from different individuals, you also happen to download the files attached with the emails. If there’s any file in the email that is infected and you’re going to download it, your antivirus will instantly notify you and block the file from downloading.

Your reliable antivirus will also inform you if you’re being tracked by someone. Such tracking is done by installing hidden files in your PC and then opening your webcam to have eyes on you.