Antivirus are the software that are used to protect the computer from getting any external threat. The creation of antivirus goes back long, as far as 1987, this is the year when the first anti-virus software was invented. This was founded by John McAfee in his own company McAfee Associated, in that same year he released the first antivirus program and it was called the VirusScan. John McAfee is said to be the inventor of antivirus as this was the first antivirus made. John McAfee’s PC was first infected by a virus named Brain which was coded by two Pakistani brothers in 1986. But John knew how to outbreak the virus and that is how the first antivirus software was invented.

After this, many others tried to make antivirus software but in that same year in 1987, G-Data was invented and it was founded in Germany in 1985. It was founded by Kai Figge and Andreas Luning. They called their software The Anti-Virus Kit (AVK). In 1987, many people made more antivirus, and another group of coders made an antivirus software that was known as ESET and it was founded by Peter Pasko, Miroslav Trnka and Rudolf Hruby. But later, it was named as NOD. Germany showed a lot of progress in developing newer and better antivirus software and just like Avira was released. But this was released in 1988, it was first named as H+BEDV Tjark Auerbach in 1986. In 2006, H+BEDV was named as AntiVir and later it was named as Avira. You can buy the best virus protection and cheap virus cleaner.

In that same year, Avast was founded. It was founded by a company named ALWIL Software by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera in Czech Republic. It was first called ALWIL software but in 2010, it was named as Avast. In that same year, a Korean coder developed an antivirus software which was named as AhnLab. It was invented by Ahn Cheol-Soo and he later named it as V1. But it didn’t get famous though, he then made a software house named AhnLab in 1995 in South Korea. Then in the same year of 1988, the very famous Dr. Solomon’s Anti-virus toolkit was launched. This was founded by Alan Solomon in his own company called the S&S International, all this took place in England.