Mobiles phones are a need of a time. Now that we all have latest mobile phones, we now think that how did we managed before there were no mobile phones. How did we ever find places and destinations without Google maps? Sometimes we think that it was easy and sometimes we think that it was difficult and it wasted so much of our time and we could have done so much more with that time.

But there is a quote that says, ‘what happens, happens for good’, because if we had mobile phones back in those times, then we would not have had much of the stories and adventures to tell to our new generation. If you want to get a new mobile phone then we suggest that you read some our facts so that they you buy a phone with more determination;

Protect your phone: you can use different antivirus protection apps on your phone.

Clean your mobile: there are different mobile virus cleaners for your phone.

IBM: we always think that Samsung or iPhone or Nokia made the first smart or you can say touch phones but here you thought wrong because IBM made the first smart phone that had a touch screen, stylus, address book, calculator, calendar and a note pad and that was launched on 16th August, 1994.

Mobile phone bills: you have to pay for your bills to make it work and that is why there was a highest bill by Aarons Celina and she paid 201,000 dollars. You must be wondering that why this much bill was made and that is because she had a brother who was deaf and they used to communicate via messages or you can say texts. We think that the mobile company should have let go of the bill.

Fast Texters; the world record is full of weird things and there is a record that is for the fastest texter in the world and her name is Sonja Kristiansen and she is from Norway.

Powerful phones: your phones are more powerful than you think. You can say that they are more powerful than the computer used for moon landing and that was the Apollo 11.

The first call: the first call was made in 1973 and it was made by a Motorola investor named as Martin Cooper.