Hacking is a thing that might never be solved because it is like water, it always makes it ways and no matter how many walls you keep in front of it, it makes a small hole from a place where we cannot detect. And by the time it is detected, it is too late. But just like everything, hacking has some amazing yet scary facts as well. And one of many facts is that in the whole world, in every 39 seconds a hacker attack anywhere or anything. It was estimated that in a period of taking a selfie and posting it on any social media, a hacker might have hacked any system anywhere in the world.

It was estimated by the world cyber center that cybercrime is more profitable than the global illegal drug trades in the world. Meaning to say that more hackers are hired and are paid to do different kinds of illegal activities or people are blackmailed in different ways. The drugs world makes more than 400 billion dollars in a year but cybercriminals, each year earn more than 600 billion dollars in a year. Even though your Instagram or Facebook might have any photo but still the hackers can take screenshots of your private conversations. And it was again estimated by the global cyber center that every second hackers download 75 entities of everyone’s data and if that is not important, it still stays with them. You can get antivirus protection and mobile virus cleaner.

Antiviruses are said to protect our system from such breaches and outside threats but this was said by many hackers that mot antivirus are not of any use and they are just in your computer for displaying messages and notification, also, making your computer slow and eating away all the disk space. Cyber cell might be getting the most budget of the U.S. because as of 2019, 14.98 billion dollars were given to cyber cell to improve the quality of cyber security. Since there are hackers who hack your computers but there are good hackers as well. And, that is why, the white hat hackers earned more than 19 million dollars from all around the world combined in 2018. Since the U.S. pays a huge amount to the cyber cell and that is why each year coders apply for jobs in U.S., now there are 715,000 cyber experts alone in Washington D.C.