A computer is a thing that almost everyone has. People now need computers for different uses. Either it is a kid or an elderly person, they need computer for different reasons and we think it is good to have one. You will be learning new things from it.
If you have a laptop, you will be able to learn new things. There are some people who have had everything on their phones but the phones can limit you and on laptop or a pc you can do.
If you are about to buy a pc or a laptop, then we suggest that you read our facts about computers or pc below because they are interesting and it will increase your knowledge as well;
Protect your pc: you can protect your pc with the best anti virus protection software.
Cheap protection for your pc: there are some cheap or even free virus scanner software.
Computer concept on paper: every project is given first on paper or you can say a proposal and the concept of computer was given on a paper by Johann Henrich von Muller and it was called the Difference Engine and it was given in 1786.
Hard Drive: the first hard drive could only hold 5 mega bytes of data.
First Virus: did you know that computer viruses are made by humans? And the first virus was made by Bob Thomas in 1971 and it was called a Creeper.
First Hard Disk was expensive as heck: computer things can be expensive but you will be shocked to know that the first hard disk costed 40,000 dollars and it weighed 550 pounds.
People meet online: you will be shocked to know that 1 out of 8 people in the United States met online.
First Transistor Computer: The engineers from bell labs and they used vacuum tubes and they called it the TRADIC and it stands for Transistorized Digital Computer.
Digital Currency: world has becoming more and digitalized and you will be shocked to know that paper money will be soon gone because now 92 percent of the money is digitalized.
Shocking Hacks: you will not believe it that a memory stick could hack United States military computers and it was the biggest breach of the history and the memory stick was encrypted.