Kodachadri is a hill in the Western Ghats of Shimoga holds one of the spectacular scenery. It experiences throughout its streams on the numerous tracks on the engrossing landscapes.  A trek to Kodachadri will leave you enthralling and wanting more. The hill gets its name from a blossoming plant and is also called “Jasmine of the hills”. It is an attractive peak with dense forest cover all around it. It is one of the enjoyable mountain peaks of Karnataka.

Kodachadri is a reachable place through Air, Train and Road. Mangalore Airport is the nearby Airport to Kodachadri, which is 153Km away. The jeeps will make a tough but adventurous trip to the peak point of Kodachadri.  Another best way to reach Kodachadri is by road. You can do a self-driving trip or by the well linked buses throughout the state.The perfect time to visit this amazing place is summer. The glaring outlook from the Kodachadri top and a captivated delight of nightfall make this spot one of a kind diverged  with different mountain pyramids of Karnataka. The Kodachadri peak is best known for its sunrise and sunset. As we begin our trek in the morning we would be able to witness the sun set from the peak.

Place to visit in kodachadri

1.View of Rolling Green Hills 

Kodachadri Trek is famous for the wilderness of beautiful luxuriant green rolling hills. The hills are covered in exuberant greenery and scatters as far as the eye can see. 

  1. Waterfalls of Hidlumane

An avalanche or a series of seven waterfalls is what makes up the Hidlumane Waterfalls. The effusive falls that you see right above your head, is a sight of beauty and something you do not get to experience on other treks. 

  1. Myths, Legends and the Temple of Mookambika

Apart from trekkers, you can witness other tourists and pilgrims coming to the peak of Kodachadri. The temple is built out of stones and it is said that the Goddess Mookambika battled and killed the beast Mookasura.

  1. Trekking in the heavy Shola forests of Western Ghats

The Kodachadri trek runs you through some of the impenetrable Shola forests of the Western Ghats. The trek will give an amazing experience for any trekker who likes trekking through the thick canopy. It will also give the right exposure of trekking in a forest. The Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary offers a huge variety of flora and fauna to explore. 

The trek will take you through an old -fashioned village setting. Also through croplands, thick forests, breathtaking grasslands, and a waterfall. This will make you astonished and amazed. The lush grasslands and hills will give you amazing views of the surrounding peaks.

You can also  get to visit a temple presumed to be constructed thousands of years ago which is awash with a rich history. Apart from the mythology, visualise trekking to a place that has stories from the 7th AD. This is the place where the famous philosopher and  theologian, Adi Shankara toured and contemplated at the top of the peak.

You do not get hikes that are filled with many stories and history on the western ghats trek and camps in Karnataka.

With numerous entrances to the trek, anybody can go and do this trek on their own. It is considered to be a heaven for beginners, as well as experienced trekking admirers.

The finest thing about Kodachadri is the trek and the highest trek point in the Kodachadri Peak. Then is the venturesome and fun safari in the jeep and a visit to the wonderful Malpe Beach. Beginners or trekking freshmen can easily tackle this trek. Since most of the journey covers forest scenery amongst low heights, chances of elevation sickness are low as well.

The Mookambika temple is said to be a really jammed area with a mostly women population who come to visit the temple from distant places. It is unquestionably a safe place for the women travellers. There are a large number of crowds who go for the trekking and hiking routes activities on weekdays and more during weekends.

So don’t you find Kodachadri an interesting and adventurous place to spend a perfect vacation. Then what are you waiting for just take your bags on back and snake up on this staggering. Kodachadri Trek.