Spiti virtually translates to ‘the middle land’ that lies between Tibet and India. Its piece of land and climate is a small amount overwhelming, however, stick with us! we’d prefer to tell you simply however lovely and distinctive the Spiti depression is and why it ought to air your travel list!


Nature is raw here  

with little vegetation, natural covering mountains, and lots of hidden gems that area units waiting to be explored. One amongst the simplest reasons to go to Spiti is that it’s not a tourist hotspot, in contrast to the opposite Himachali cities. reaching to experience a number of the best passes within the world, antique monasteries, crystal blue lakes, minus all the technological interference makes Spiti depression an awfully fine example of what we tend to decide Associate in Nursing ‘off-beat journey.’



The Spiti depression could be a cold desert placed within the Lahaul and Spiti district within the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, on the point of the Tibet border. Two at a time currently incorporated at one, Lahaul and Spiti landscape looks somewhat similar to Ladakh. The common elevation of the depression is three,000 meters.


Best Time to go to Spiti depression

Spiti depression is thought to be associated with an Associate in Nursing extreme climate. Winter months from December to March area unit harsh and you’ll see the depression is roofed in an exceedingly blanket of snow. throughout these months, downfall will happen anytime and therefore the temperatures will fall as low as -20 degrees astronomer. As the summer months approach, the depression starts to return out of hibernation. Roads open up then will the flow of tourists. The temperatures throughout the months of April and should area unit pleasant as some flora starts to return to life. Snow melts and lakes begin to make.


While Spiti depression is visited most year long, the ‘it season’ is from June to the beginning of the Gregorian calendar month. currently, although Spiti comes in an exceeding area region, it will receive frequent drizzle and precipitation within the months of June and the Gregorian calendar month. that the roads will get a small amount tough. however, return August, and time of year colors take over the whole valley!


 The pristine colors of rivers and lakes with orange hues of the trees and therefore the white mountains within the background area unit one thing out of this world. you want to build a note that the weather throughout this era will get quite cold, with nights and early mornings experiencing three to five degrees astronomer. 

Important Places to go to whereas In Spiti


Key cloister – this can be a Tibetan Buddhist cloister that when housed the lama. As a spiritual coaching center for Lamas and therefore the biggest cloister within the depression, Key cloister still remains the quantity one attraction of Spiti. From the cloister, get pleasure from the views of the Spiti stream and therefore the immense land that goes into nothingness. 


Chandratal Lake – The name ‘Chandratal Lake’ virtually interpreted as ‘the moon lake’ which is thanks to the lake’s crescent form. This pristine lake is found on the Spiti facet of the depression. Camp close to the lake and witnessed scores of stars within the absolutely clear night sky. 


Kunzum Pass – Kunzum Pass connects Kullu and Lahaul depression to the Spiti depression and is taken into account one amongst the foremost difficult roads, however, the drive is thus worthwhile. it’s placed at an Associate in Nursing altitude of 4551 meters! reckoning on the quantity of downfall this region receives, the pass shuts for operation. this will last from half a dozen months to anyplace up to eight months a year. Kunzum Pass sometimes remains open from late might to middle Gregorian calendar month. once the road is shut, Spiti depression is accessed from the Shimla / Karcham facet. however if you are doing get an opportunity to travel on this road, don’t forget to stay your cameras ready! 


Pin depression park – The 675 sq. kilometer Pin depression park is home to a number of the rarest animals in India, as well as the vulnerable big cat. alternative animals like Capra ibex, Bharal, and Red Fox can even be noticed here. With regards to flora, one will get pleasure from the views of juniper and birch trees with dramatic landscapes within the background. 


Culture and faith in Spiti depression

The culture in Lahaul and Spiti is incredibly just like that of Ladakhi and Tibetans on the condition that the region was beneath the rule of Guge and Ladakh kingdoms. the numerous fairs and festivals that the depression celebrates could be a testament to the 3 cultures – Hindus, Buddhists, and Tibetians cohabitation harmonized. 


Some festivals celebrated within the depression area unit Losar pageant or Halda pageant in Jan, Ladarcha and Keylong social group truthful in August, and Chakhar Mela in Sept. The culture principally remains focussed around Buddhist monasteries and one might realize vibrant prayer flags decorated outside relics and homes. with the exception of Hindi and English, locals conjointly speak Stod Bhoti – a subgroup of a Tibetian language.


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