Head for a short trip, away from all the hassles of daily life. Delhi is the best place for your weekend getaways. Delhi is covered by many unique attractions. The rich culture and adventure activities make  life memorable in your weekend getaways. Tourist places near Delhi have a wide variety  to visit and explore. You can also experience the spiritual vibes.  Here is the list of places that will give you awesome views, relaxation, and sightseeing opportunities, and also exciting adventurous activities.

  1.       Agra

Located on the banks of the river Yamuna, undoubtedly the most famous gateway for the people of Delhi. Agra is the most famous destination because of its Mughal-era building. It is a place which depicts rich culture and heritage. The city is famous for its historic sites, architecture, culture and lifestyle.. The specialty of this building is mesmerizing and historical. The designs of this structure are amazing and unique which combine Persian and Mughal architecture. Agra is a perfect place for a weekend getaway with your family who want to explore and experience history.


How to reach: you can catch a ride on the Taj express highway from Delhi to reach Agra, you can also opt for buses and trains. The estimated time to reach Agra is around 4 hours.


Expenditure: 4k to 5k per person.


  1.       Mathura

Mathura is not so far from Delhi, so it is a perfect option for your weekend destination. Mathura is well known as the land of Lord Krishna. One of the beautiful and sacred cities, and an important place of pilgrimage. The entire place is dotted with temples, dedicated to various aspects of life. You can visit the government museum, its collection of kushana art is the finest art in the world, also Holi is an important festival here and people from all over India Gather here during this festival to enjoy the culture.


How to reach: You can travel via the AH1 or the Yamuna expressway. The estimated time is around 3 to 4 hours.


Expenditure: 4k to 5k per person


  1.       Mussoorie

 Mussoorie is the most popular hill station, which is a perfect destination for leisure and adventure. Ruskin Bond’s literature often mentions his childhood memories in this beautiful place in the backdrop of his novels and stories. Whistling woods, rolling plains, breathtaking Himalayan views, green misty dews are a great experience for people.  Mussoorie is your paradise if you are a nature enthusiast. It stands at a height of 1900 meters, and has become a paradise for weekend getaways.. Mussoorie is the queen of the hill station, with more than 15 attractions blended with culture, religion, and natural beauty. Mussoorie hill station has become a modern town where nature and modern-day amenities are developing a new ecosystem, which is a favourite spot for travelers.

How to reach: you can take the route via upper Ganga Canal road. The estimated time to reach here is 6 hours.

Expenditure: 5k to 7k per person


  1.       Bharatpur

The place is better known as the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan. Bharatpur is a fascinating place blended with natural beauty located 180 km away from New Delhi. If you are a nature lover you will definitely enjoy the beauty and different creatures of birds here.. It is a peaceful atmosphere blessed with natural beauty, and perfect for weekend getaways.. The place is home to more than 230 different bird species which is a major attraction of this place. . Bharatpur gives you a chance to explore many manmade and natural attractions and adventure activities.   Rappelling, zip-lining, rifle shooting, archery, pipe walking, horizontal ladder, Burma bridge, and quake walking are the adventure activities here.


How to reach: you can ride on the Yamuna Expressway to reach Bharatpur. The estimated time is around 4 hours.


Expenditure: 2k to 5k per person.


  1.       Shimla

Shimla, the most popular hill station near Delhi at a distance of 342 from the city. This place is a perfect choice for a weekend gateway since there are so many places to visit and relax. Shimla is blessed with beautiful dense forests of pine, oak, and deodar. The destination looks like a perfect frame for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Shimla is a popular destination for offbeat travel as it offers plenty of activity. People from all over the world came here to experience the adventure. Some Hindu temples are located here, such as Jakhoo, Tara Devi temple, Manasa Devi.  you can trek up to these temples, if you want. The most popular activities offered by Shimla are Camping, trekking, ice skating, Paragliding, heli-skiing.


How to reach: if you are choosing a journey by train, first reach Kafka in Haryana and then Board the Kalka Shimla railway toy train. A road trip from Delhi to Shimla can take 8 hours.


Expenditure: 6k to 7k per person.