Have you ever wished to experience the pristine beauty of nature? If not then you don’t have to wait or wish for it because the season is already here. Scattered meadows, lush green valleys, pasturelands and foliage timberland is something that will make you come across the unseen face of treks of India. During the month of august people not only want to escape from the humid weather of the city but also want to enjoy this climatic change during the monsoon season. All you have to do is pick up an apt location to adore the aura. So here comes some of the admired treks by backpackers during the month of August. 


Valley of Flowers Trek

Nothing can be compared with the alluring beauty of this trekking trail. Valley of Flowers is nothing different from its name. This pleasing valley is flooded with numerous species of flowers and gives a colourful trail for its visitors. During the rainy season you can witness the best of nature. This trek is not much of a challenge and the snow capped Himalayan in the backdrop is something that will allow you to capture the scenic view through your lens. This place is not less than a paradise when it comes to show its cards of unique flora and fauna. 


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Stok Kangri Trek

If you are a pro and want to check on your skills then this trek in Ladakh is something that will challenge your trekking skills. This 40 km trail is nestled up at 20,100ft in Ladakh. Stok Kangri trek is situated at the highest point in Ladakh serving you the untouched beauty of nature. While trekking through the trail you will cross the staggering Manorama and Chiang Mai. You will just be stuck in the moment when you will get to witness the amazing bird eye view of the alluring beauty of Zanskar, Karakoram and Indus Valley. If you really want to spend some me time then the pinnacle of Stok kangri trek is your place to find the new you. 


Kinner Kailash Circuit Trek

If you are a real explorer and never got the chance to explore the real treasure then now don’t wait just gear up yourself to trek Kinner Kailash Circuit. It is one of the staggering treks which will make you sweat but it’s worth sweating. Other than being a difficult trail this place will also give you an eye captivating view of the river Satluj flowing through the lush green valley. This trek sits up at an altitude of 17,200ft in the outlying area of Himachal Pradesh. Here you can experience the coexistence of Hinduism and Buddhsim culture as the trail lies next to the Tibet border. 


Panpatia Col Trek

The Panpatia Col trek is something about surviving. Yes, there is a probability that you can lose your way while trekking the trail of Panpatia Col. This trek is nothing but a blanket of snow. If you want to go an adventurous trek then this trek should be your pick. The scenic view of white landscape is something that you will witness for the first time. This trail connects you to the two of the major holy places Badrinath and Keadrnath. The other places you can enjoy during the treks are Kunaling, Nilkantha and Balakun.


Markha Valley Trek

This trek will let you relish the moment and if you are an amtauer then it will boost up your confidence. Markha Valley trek is located at an altitude of 16,800ft which sounds difficult to climb but the trail is not much of a difficulty. During the month of august this place serves you with the pleasant weather with the verdure atmosphere all around. The best thing you will experience here is camping at night where you set up your own tents under the glittering sky. As you snake up you will come across the three passes Kongmaru La, Gandla and Stok La. This trek in Ladakh will let you know a bit about Tibetian culture. You can also visit some monasteries in Ladakh. 


So don’t allow this Monsoon to make you sit at home and allow you to miss the chance to explore the unexplored treasure treks of India.