Many small business owners often make the mistake of purchasing a plan for group medical insurance in Dubai without utilizing the services of an experienced insurance agents who can actually help them choose the most feasible and inexpensive plan for their company.

Most health or medical plans already cover the insurance agent’s commission in the cost of the insurance plan, thus companies should take advantage of the expertise and knowledge a proficient insurance agent possess. There are many health plan options available for employers who can really save time and money via consulting with an established insurance agency before investing in medical coverage plans that best outfit their employees’ needs as well as the company’s budget.

One of the benefits of providing group medical insurance for employees is the improved retention rate for a quality workforce. In these days, offering health insurance at the workplace is a very big incentive for many who cannot afford individual health insurance coverage. Investing in your company’s future healthcare means to increase loyalty, and overall employee satisfaction, productivity, security, and also employee health and fitness is crucial for a company’s overall success. The cost and options of group medical plans vary according to group size and the state in which the insurance company is located.

Group medical insurance plans usually start with at least two full time employees and due to healthcare reforms every state is required to offer this coverage in the workforce. Many health plan options vary greatly and employers have a choice in what medical coverage is affordable within their budget; from basic coverage to plans covering preventive care and dental coverage.

Many options are offered in managed care plans or HMO’s, and fee-for-service plans. Employers must decide carefully about how much they can invest and what type of medical services they can afford for their employees. HMO’s are designed so as to offer reduced rates through a selected group of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. Employees are only allowed to stay within that network when getting medical care. Fee-for-service or indemnity group health plans allow your employees to choose their providers which in turn give them control over their choices of doctors and specialists and several options in who they want to visit for their medical services.

Investing in group medical insurance for your employees is a major decision that needs professional advice and planning. Go to the website of some expert agents to help you acquire the best one for your company.

Reasons why cargo insurance is necessary

No doubt, transportation and shipping is a big business. Numerous dealings of the delivery of goods for overseas trade are being made every day. With the immensely increasing number of deals throughout the globe, the likelihood for goods being lost or damaged is also getting higher. And, it is obvious that when goods are lost or damaged during a consignment, the financial losses suffered are massive.

This is where marine cargo insurance comes for backing. This coverage is imperative in international trade offering safety with regard to the shipping involved. Many financial institutions will not invest in any overseas trade especially when a loan has been advanced on the trade dealings, if no assurance is provided that any losses acquired will be fully insured. This freight coverage shelters the indemnified party against any physical damage or loss that occurs during shipping due to the dangers and perils specified in the established insurance policy.

This form of cover is not only for sea-bases transportation but can be taken for any form of transportation of goods by all modes and means of transport. Generally, anyone involved in any type of legal international trade, transportation from port to port or from one land to other, necessitates this policy cover. In short, it includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Importers/exporters of any manufactured goods or equipment
    • Logistics companies having the legal accountability to transfer the goods of their customers to a specific destination
    • Freight forwarders active in the provision of cargo movement from one country or port to another
    • Producers that bring in raw materials or machines to produce products, or who need to transport their complete products to procurers and end-users
    • Any businesses or organizations that want all types of products and materials to be moved from one country to another, not considering the mode of transport

There are various companies across the world, that provide this policy cover and you may choose the right policy cover and benefit from it depending on your convenience and requirement. Do not overlook the significance of having marine cargo insurance Dubai. Take it with serious thought as it provides a sense of security on your end like any other insurance say professional indemnity insurance UAE. While you might have to pay something to buy this policy, it is only a small amount compared to the loss or damage you might acquire and not be reimbursed, in case of an unseen unfortunate mishap!