Kheerganga which means “sacred white milky water”, is one of the most attractive trekking destinations in Kasol. Located at an altitude of 3050m, Kheerganga is a small village sitting in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is believed that Lord Shiva’s son meditated for thousands of years therefore this place is very sacred for the locals.


Difficulty level: Kheerganga is beginner level trek with a trek distance of 14km. Even if one has no much trekking experience one can opt for this trek with some prior knowledge and planning. 


Best time to visit: Kheerganga can be visited in summer as well as winter depending on the voice of a person. If one reaches here in summer, that is from March to June, you will get calm, comforting weather with temperature ranging from 15 degree to 28 degree celsius. While if one visits in the month of October to february, you will get to see the snow capped mountains, roads, pathways all covered with snow. The temperature ranges from 3 to 15 degree celsius during winter. But during monsoon it is closed as the pathway is blocked by heavy rainfall.


How to reach


By Flight: There is no direct flight to Kasol. You can board a flight from Delhi to kullu and then from kullu to Kasol. After reaching Kasol you have to reach the base camp which you can via bus or cab.

By train: The nearest railway station to Kasol is Pathankot. There is a direct train from Delhi to Pathankot.

By Bus: From Delhi you need to Board a bus to kullu then to Bhauntar and then to Kasol.


Trek to Kheerganga

There are three routes to reach Kheerganga which has a trek distance of 14km. It takes nearly 5-6 hour to complete trekking if one is walking at the normal pace.

  1. From the base camp, you will head towards the bridge and if you turn left you will reach Nakthan village. From Nakthan village you can trek to Kheerganga. This is the shortest route.
  2. Now if you take right from the bridge you will reach Kalga Village. From here you will head towards Kheerganga. This is amongst the most difficult route as it gets confusing to pass through the forest. Most people dont take this route so not all people know about this route.
  3. And the last one is trough Tosh village. One who wants to roam around the lane of the village prefer going through this route. This route meets Nakthan village while heading towards the trek.




Day 1: Reach Barshaini from kasol and trek to Kheerganga

 Reach the base camp Barshaine and start the trek towards Kheerganga. You can choose any of the top 3 routes and reach the topmost point to kheerganga. After reaching the top you can enjoy the hot water spring bath of Parvati Kund. Overnight one gets to camp there amongst the mountains.


Day 2: Return to Barshaini.

After having breakfast you need to check out of the camp and retrace the path from where you headed forward. This is where your journey ends with a bag full of memories, adventure and experience. 

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